Milkbottle Pint Jar: Lemon Drop

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Tantalizingly tart, fresh-squeezed lemons splashed with puckering sours then swirled with icy and sweet elements of sparkling sugarcane. 

Soy Candles: Our Limited Edition large Milkbottle Pint Jar 100% paraffin-free soy candles are infused with pure beeswax for an unsurpassed burn time. It is twice the size of our original half-pint Milkbottle.  A lead-free cotton wick is used to fill your home with fragrance and give you the best clean, soot-free candle experience possible. Premium Scented Candles: Our scented soy candles are blended with premium fragrance oils for maximum fragrance throw. Combined with our paraffin-free soy and beeswax, these candles will add a lovely ambiance and fragrance to almost any room.

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